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Monthly Archives: September 2008

Haha! I love the Joes, and in honor of the new movie coming out and the fact that I plan on doing a bigger piece with the Joes I give you my first attempt at a cartoonish version of Snake Eyes. I am sure there are things here and there that still need to be changed, and I would like to post up a clean version, but for now here is what I have!

I recently got to see Hell Boy 2 and it really inspired me to draw a Hell Boy of my own, and so Here he is!

The colors are going to be done by my main man Gerald De Dios, and soon as there finished I will post it up for the world to see!

– Josh

I know I know why another Eeyore you ask, well, I have a list of many to draw and it just so happened another Eeyore was next on the list.

I like this one! I wasn’t sure that I was gonna like the end result when I first started developing the picture, but I think it turned out really well!

This Pic is going to my great friend who lives down under. Here you go Syl I hope you like!

– Josh

For those who don’t know one of Frosty Giants new projects is called “The Tournament”. Its a detailed story about sixteen fighters all competing against one another to see who the supreme champion is!

This image is the fourth character designed out of the sixteen. His name is Brom! he is ex-military after dying during the Korean War. Brom has been revived back to life but with major robotic components. Brom just wants to be normal and live out a normal life. He is fighting in the tournament with the thought that if he wins he will get what he desires!

I have to admit this movie had what it needed to be a really great movie! It had action, suspense, thrills, and a little bit of chills, but the only problem is the plot has been done before. I do recommend watching it and for that reason I won’t say to much, but when exiting the movie you heard allot of people talking about how this movie relates to other movies they have seen, and because of that the movie was to easy to read. You sort of knew what was gonna happen before it happened.

I thought the acting was good! Especially Shia Labeouf, I have seen this kid rise ever since his days on “Even Steven”, and I have got to say I was not his fan in those days, but since he has entered the big screen he has really come into a good actor, and this movie really shows some of his skills.

So I applaud the acting and the pace of the movie, but I know this movie is just gonna be another movie lost in the vault of millions, because it doesn’t really stand out for the pack!

Hey everyone,

So…    I use to work at Disney right, and ever since the day I started I have been getting requests to draw every ones favorite characters. Of course I don’t mind it keeps my mind right and open with my art. I have decided it would be cool to post the art for my friends here so the world can see them before my friends do haha so here you go! the first two are Eeyor, and Ariel. I hope you enjoy!

Winnie the Pooh!!.. Winnie the Pooh!!..

I wanted to give this a “C-” but i decided since my father thinks Diane Lane is cute I will raise the grade slightly. I see it as if you like the depressing sort of movie then this is for you. It seems throughout this movie it goes from sort of depressing to MAJOR DEPRESSING!!I Personally I can’t do this type of movie, but while watching I tried to get passed the sadness and see other aspects of the film.

I do think it had great acting. You could read the feelings Diane Lane was feeling just by looking at her eyes. She really made you feel what she was feeling.When Richard gere first came on screen I thought of him as trying to hard to protray is emotions, but as the film moved further along I saw everything as a whole and it really changed my opinion on his acting.

All in all i would say save your money and wait till it comes out on DVD. It was okay at best and well there is better movies to watch out there!

Now that I have got a little time I think I should post to the world some of the work I do! For those who don’t know me my name is Josh Frost, and I along with my counter part Gerald De Dios have created are own production company Frosty Giant Production!

In the future I will have little stories to go along with the art, but as for this post I have just put togther a few pieces done in the past to show, so with out further or do here you go!

The Mascot of Frosty Giant Productions
First installment of Frosty Giant Campaign