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I wanted to give this a “C-” but i decided since my father thinks Diane Lane is cute I will raise the grade slightly. I see it as if you like the depressing sort of movie then this is for you. It seems throughout this movie it goes from sort of depressing to MAJOR DEPRESSING!!I Personally I can’t do this type of movie, but while watching I tried to get passed the sadness and see other aspects of the film.

I do think it had great acting. You could read the feelings Diane Lane was feeling just by looking at her eyes. She really made you feel what she was feeling.When Richard gere first came on screen I thought of him as trying to hard to protray is emotions, but as the film moved further along I saw everything as a whole and it really changed my opinion on his acting.

All in all i would say save your money and wait till it comes out on DVD. It was okay at best and well there is better movies to watch out there!



  1. I’m gonna save even more money and not renting the movie at all. LOL. That’s cool you’re gonna start posting movie reviews. Thanks.

  2. u need to get on the fact that has a lot of free awesome movies — and its all legal. one comes to mind: the big lebowski!

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