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I have to admit this movie had what it needed to be a really great movie! It had action, suspense, thrills, and a little bit of chills, but the only problem is the plot has been done before. I do recommend watching it and for that reason I won’t say to much, but when exiting the movie you heard allot of people talking about how this movie relates to other movies they have seen, and because of that the movie was to easy to read. You sort of knew what was gonna happen before it happened.

I thought the acting was good! Especially Shia Labeouf, I have seen this kid rise ever since his days on “Even Steven”, and I have got to say I was not his fan in those days, but since he has entered the big screen he has really come into a good actor, and this movie really shows some of his skills.

So I applaud the acting and the pace of the movie, but I know this movie is just gonna be another movie lost in the vault of millions, because it doesn’t really stand out for the pack!


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  1. Man, I was gonna camp out on Black Friday, and buy the DVD version for $4.00 as your Christmas gift! Forget about it now! LMAO. Good review buddy. I still can’t believe he went from “Even Steven” to 2 back-to-back Steven Spielberg & Michael Bay films….and now to Eagle Eye. That kid is making the big bucks now. Hopefully Transformers 2 will be awesome! Michael Bay is already predicting to make “Never before done” VFX!!! Yeah, I’ll pretty much shit my pants….then watch it 4 more times in the theater. LOL.

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