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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Here is a revision from Gerald, just putting in some Darker lines and changing little things.

The latest Josh/Gerald COLAB!!! I through down a ruff drawing in blue pencil, then Gerald pulled out some water color magic, last I went back over the image and inked it up!

I’m really happy with the way it turned out. This was a very quick collaboration, and i think for the maybe hour it took to put it all together it really turned out nicely.

This image was done while in San Francisco! it was a blast, but i think you should already know that from my last few posts!

well, Here is josh Frost signing off!..

The Greatest of times. I couldn’t post all my pictures, but here are some of my favorites!

…   Man a good time!

On my trip to the great Bay Area I got to see a great friend by the name of Gerald De Dios. Together we had one of the grandest times I have ever had! He took me everywhere!, and on my trip to the airport, and back to “the real world” He presented me with a gift!

Pretty much my favorite Villain ever to make the big screen, Darth Vader!! With a great pose and nice colors I love this piece something fierce, and well I thank Gerald for this great gesture!

One of the nicest people I met on my trip to San Francisco, Enrico Casarosa is a story artist at Pixar and a damn good one at that. On one of his last trip to Europe he put together a book, well more so I would say a visual journal of his time there.

I suggest buying this book. I had time to read it on my flight back to Seattle, and after i was finished it really inspired me to get cracking and make one of my own. Each page is visually spectacular full of water color and excitement. Once again I really suggest picking it up and taking a look at the wonderment of Enrico’s imagination.

So this was my first!, and man I was rusty with my life drawing!..   I decided I was going to do what I like and personally think I do best and that is caricature what I see instead of making things so real to life! I did three pages, I think I could of done alot better but please let me know what you think. Thanks!

I just thought I would post some old work. These are zombies I once did for a production that is finally being revisited. Soon I hope you to see them in action on the big screen. Keep your eye on for more details!

– Thanks

I just wanted to post these up real quick. Here are some Orc heads I have been designing. If you look at the images on the left they are the originals, and the right images are the clean up, and shadow guide drawings. I have had a concept in my head that I wanted to make awhile ago and so I have finally got around to starting it. I will keep you posted on the progress. I would love any feed back, thanks a lot!

– Josh

I love this movie!!! I found this book at a used book store two days ago and haven’t been able to put it down since. The art is amazing, and just learning about there amazing process is well, AMAZING!

A lot of people (including me) have gave this movie a bunch a crap because the story was so far off from the actual tale of Hercules, but as I have learned especially after working at Disney there is just something you can’t show! haha I look at it i would rather have this movie here the way it is now then to not have one at all, and pretty much that is the options you would’ve had!

I’m sure this isn’t the easiest of books to find, but if you ever get a chance just to look at it. I recommend you picking it up. If nothing else I believe the pages would wow you something at least to crack a smile, and to you artists out there I believe it will inspire you to take out your pencil, and make your own legend!

This is a great book, and now one of the finest in my growing collection!

This image by far as been the hardest. I don’t what it is but Tink just seems to be harder then the rest for me. I have attempted many times, but I was satisfied enough with this one to post it up, so Jackpot here is your picture! I hope you like it.