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This movie was very good. It had a lot of turn your head suspense, and some good action. The acting was great. Dicaprio was very impressive. I really don’t think he has been this good since Gangs of New York! They way he portrayed himself in the settings around him really made you look at both sides of the war in the middle east.

Russell Crow was outstanding too. He had a in your face I don’t give a %#!@ attitude, but also came off as a sort of caring man. He is almost what you  would like to think the people behind the walls of the CIA are like. He really puts an added feeling into this picture.

The reason I didn’t score this movie an “A” is simply it went on to long with some slumps in the middle here and there in which I caught myself looking at my watch. If they would of shredded maybe twenty to thirty minutes out of the movie it would of been outstanding!

I do suggested watching it, but if your not into graphic content then be ready to close your eyes a lot throughout the movie.


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