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I love this movie!!! I found this book at a used book store two days ago and haven’t been able to put it down since. The art is amazing, and just learning about there amazing process is well, AMAZING!

A lot of people (including me) have gave this movie a bunch a crap because the story was so far off from the actual tale of Hercules, but as I have learned especially after working at Disney there is just something you can’t show! haha I look at it i would rather have this movie here the way it is now then to not have one at all, and pretty much that is the options you would’ve had!

I’m sure this isn’t the easiest of books to find, but if you ever get a chance just to look at it. I recommend you picking it up. If nothing else I believe the pages would wow you something at least to crack a smile, and to you artists out there I believe it will inspire you to take out your pencil, and make your own legend!

This is a great book, and now one of the finest in my growing collection!



  1. after all my spite ive had w/ disney, i really love their artwork and this just proves it. the 2nd and 3rd photos are amazing. the detail they put in their drawings are pretty sweet. props to the fire monster and the centaur.

    now question to you:
    do u think their next 2d movie – the princess and the frog is a bit borderlining the racial fence? or am i just grasping for straws?

  2. Haha Thanks for the comment! You know I really don’t think the princess and the frog is a bit borderlining the racial fence. There are many rumors on why the princess is black, and the cover up of racism throughout the film. I more think that they thought it to be time to see a black princess. Look at it this way if it was a white princess would people even think to judge the firefly, or would they think it was more a dumb hillbilly white caricature? I don’t know thats just how I feel

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