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I just wanted to post these up real quick. Here are some Orc heads I have been designing. If you look at the images on the left they are the originals, and the right images are the clean up, and shadow guide drawings. I have had a concept in my head that I wanted to make awhile ago and so I have finally got around to starting it. I will keep you posted on the progress. I would love any feed back, thanks a lot!

– Josh



  1. Dayem! I don’t know much about Orcs, but those are sick ORC drawings. Dude, keep up the great line work quality. That’s pretty much professional level for animation cells. Scan those suckers in and let the animation fun begin.

  2. those are pretty cool, i like the second picture. emotion is always cool in cartoons. if only i can draw emotion in my drawings, that would be awesome. maybe ill take a class from mr frost. haha.

  3. looking really good!!!

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