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Bolt Movie PosterA

This movie was AWESOME!!! First off I got to give credit to the animators. The really made this movie. The split second timing and great attention to detail really made everything so believable!

Disney besides the Pixar movies have had some trouble, but this movie really showed me that Disney still has it. I came into this movie with kinda a low expectation but came out of it SUPER EXCITED!

My Background is in animation, and after watching this great movie I tell you what I wanted to run home and and get to work on my own stuff!

The plot, story, cast and everything was very good. I do however have one slight critique. I don’t know if Miley Cyrus was the best role for her character. It seemed to me her voice almost sounded to old for this character. Miley is sixteen and the character seemed to be more like twelve. It did throw me off at a moment, but then again I was doing some serious analyzing as I do for any animation film.

This movie was great! I say go out and see it! Bring a kid if you can 🙂


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