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Four Christmases Poster


HILARIOUS! That is the sum of what this movie is! I was nonstop laughing all through this movie. Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon really got it together in this soon to be holiday classic.

Vince Vaughn is already one of my favorite actors, and after saying that I am sure people may be saying okay then Josh you are being bias, but to me if I like the actor then I am going to be more critical to them that’s just how I am.

Why the “B+” instead of an “A” then, well, I don’t think I would purchase this on DVD and if I consider the movie an “A” then I am telling you this is a good buy in my opinion! Haha

Once again this movie was great! GO SEE IT!



  1. Hi,I tagged you on my blog!
    go and check it out! ; )

  2. We’re gonna have to check this film out sometime this month, the trailer looks hilarious.

  3. Finally saw the film over the holidays and Vince Vaughn was hilarious as usual. Thanks for the review. You must have watched a ton of films over the holiday break?!

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