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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Another Frosty Giant exclusive! I was finally able to take out the Tron Expression sheet from the vault and post it up.  This was the VERY FIRST character for Frosty Giant, and hge will forever have that no matter how the company grows!  So with out further or do here you go!..



These are just concepts of Jedi Master DeDios! He is the brother of Darth Frostius and has been trained in the same area of the force as Darth Frostius.

I hope to get a final design done soon, but I wanted to post something new and so for now this will have to do.

I hope you enjoy, and please as always feedback is greatly apreciated!

– Josh

Darth Frostius



You better watch out world! Darth Frostius is own the prowl. You may of thought you seen some hard core sith lords in the past, but you haven’t seen nothing yet!

Why create my own sith lord you ask?..    WHY NOT!  There all freaking sweet and its been my dream to do one of my own!

I’ve been hooked on the game Star Wars The Force Unleashed, and as I got further along in the game the more I imagined my own sith in my head until I decided to JUST DO IT and spent a few hours, and came up with this creation!

Hope you all enjoy!

– Josh

30 Tron

Hey everyone! I just wanted to post up real quick a color design that has been in development for sometime. This project has been on hold for a bit because of some disputes, but I have a feeling it will be coming back with vengeance her real soon.

The character you see here is the main character for a animated music video Frosty Giant has been working on. We can’t disclose to much but I will try to get the art out to you as I am able to do so…

Shout out to Gerald, he was the originator who hand picked Tron’s color scheme. Nice job Gerald!

– Josh


Before the invasion, this is the kindom of Nelfador. The dark King Thoron ruler of Nelfador isn’t satisfyed with his rule and wants control of more land. Thoron will soon start invading east and try to control the entire Northern Hemispher of the world!

The story contains many stories characters and mini stories. This map shows just a bit what is in store in this adventure!


The next installment of the story I was talking about, Sorwrath is the lord of the race known as the Meekine. This race lives high in the mountains and cares little for others, they more keep to themselves, but once word was told that the dark king Thoron was going to attempt to take there land in a presuit to be ruler of all of the north. The Meekine race rallied and became allies with the rebellion against the dark king Thoron!..


I am so sorry to those who have been awaiting my posts! When my computer crashed and it crashed HARD!!!! BUT, I’m back!..

This is King Thoron! He is a dark king with a lust for power. He is in a little story I have been working on for sometime! As the story progresses you will see more of the characters emerge here on the blog!

I hope I haven’t lost all of my fellow subscribers, and once again I am back and ready to take on the blog world again to the fullest! Watch out blog world here I come!..     again…   Haha

– Josh