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The next installment of the story I was talking about, Sorwrath is the lord of the race known as the Meekine. This race lives high in the mountains and cares little for others, they more keep to themselves, but once word was told that the dark king Thoron was going to attempt to take there land in a presuit to be ruler of all of the north. The Meekine race rallied and became allies with the rebellion against the dark king Thoron!..



  1. looks like a yoked up beast from beauty and the beast.

  2. Haha Yeah I get that a lot! I took the beast nose when he gets colored up I think you will see the difference!

    – Josh

  3. OMG – that looks so freak’in wicked!!!!! Today’s so crazy at work – wish I could color that badd-ass! But I need to clean up that king cape so we can post 🙂

  4. Yeah Gerald lets do one at a time! Haha We don’t want to get to crazy now! HAHA

    – Josh

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