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30 Tron

Hey everyone! I just wanted to post up real quick a color design that has been in development for sometime. This project has been on hold for a bit because of some disputes, but I have a feeling it will be coming back with vengeance her real soon.

The character you see here is the main character for a animated music video Frosty Giant has been working on. We can’t disclose to much but I will try to get the art out to you as I am able to do so…

Shout out to Gerald, he was the originator who hand picked Tron’s color scheme. Nice job Gerald!

– Josh



  1. Hey Josh,

    Cool stuff here man!! About busted a gut laughing at that Rambo. Frickin love those movies.

    Thanks for dropping by the blog, and I’m stoked you like my work.

    As far as inking, I have three ways I’ve been inking. It’s new to me but I’ve tried a lot of things now. If I plan on coloring the lines I use a number 3 or 4 Cotman watercolor brush on Bristol board. And a really thick black ink. I also have been using a quill for super thin lines and then go in with the brush. I found that the bristol board doesn’t let the ink seep into the fibers (the line stays crisp so you can select it in photoshop real easy), and it dries fast so if you brush over it with your hand inking another line it doesn’t smear.

    If I want a loose feel and dont color the lines I use a .02 micron pigma and draw over the rough as if I was sketching it for the first time, and go back over and hit some blacks with a fat black prismacolor marker.

    In photoshop I adjust the levels this the black is super black and the white of the paper is super white then color select the line with a tolerance of 200. Create a new layer and color in the selection on the blank layer. Then I can select the lines whenever I want.

    When I color it I do all the solid shapes that aren’t lines below that black line layer. When I color the lines, I will select the black line, then create a new layer above the black line layer to work on. I have a different layer for every line that goes with the different solid colors.

    Youtube John Buscema drawing and you can watch him and some other masters actually inking their drawings. But he was the best in my mind.

    I hope this answered your question, and I hope it wasn’t too long winded. I’ve had the hardest time trying to figure this out myself and wish someone would have given me some tips. I’m more than happy to answer any questions, and share any knowledge so we can all push forward.

    Keep up the great work, and keep in touch!!!


  2. Hi Frosty Giant
    Nice Blog you have here-

    I love the D & D/Sword and Sorcery
    style stuff you are doing

    and the colors on this one
    are really nice

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