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Darth Frostius



You better watch out world! Darth Frostius is own the prowl. You may of thought you seen some hard core sith lords in the past, but you haven’t seen nothing yet!

Why create my own sith lord you ask?..    WHY NOT!  There all freaking sweet and its been my dream to do one of my own!

I’ve been hooked on the game Star Wars The Force Unleashed, and as I got further along in the game the more I imagined my own sith in my head until I decided to JUST DO IT and spent a few hours, and came up with this creation!

Hope you all enjoy!

– Josh



  1. OMG….that is soooo bad-ass!

  2. Hey there Josh. Sorry it took a bit to reply. Trying to get some quality time in with the wifey this weekend.

    At any rate, can you explain what you mean when you say I have my lines “matching” the colors. I might be able to explain a bit better if I have a clearer understanding of what you mean. I will tell you one thing though is that your black line is not solid. Unfortunately inks aren’t as good as they were 30 or 40 years ago, and it is real hard to find a good black ink that allows for LESS photoshop leveling and what not. I use a Japanese sumi brush ink. Its the darkest and thickest I have been able to find. It comes in a little green bottle, and all the print is in Japanese, so I can’t tell you what it actually is. Anywho, shoot me back what you are talking about with the lines and I will try to answer better.

    Ill write back quick this time.

    Darth Frost looks great…good job!!


  3. Hi Josh

    I am quite flattered that you enjoyed my work, and I would love to participate in your gallery of artists paying homage to Darth Vader, please e-mail with specifics (a more detailed description of what you are looking for), and I will come up with a rendition.


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