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Monthly Archives: March 2009



This movie was awesome! It was quite funny and had some very good  animation!

I got to see it in 3D at the IMAX and I have to say if you have the chance to watch it that way its worth the extra buck or two!

I found that I really felt for the characters in this movie, more so then I would have thought! I don’t want to give away the movie because I strongly suggest you go out and see it, but I’ll tell you that you’re going to find yourself getting attached to these characters.


– Josh

Here are the images I did for the Latest Art Jumble topic. Battle Toads has to rank up there in the top three of my childhood faorite games! I hope you like!






Here are some Zombie concepts that were made at Frosty Giant for the Tron animation. These designs were greatly accepted and were started in the next phase of production until the hault came on the project…  Soon I can only hope this project and all its work can be a reality once more!

– Josh


Her is a inked version of Gimli I did for art jumble. I hope to get him colored by the end pf the day, but I have a lot on my plate right now so not sure if it will happen!

– Josh


Lets keep them coming! If they win today, then I’ll start creating another one! Go DAWGS!!!

– Josh


Not to much to say just…      GO DAWGS!!!!

Haha Yeah!



(Art by David Hawkins)

Here is some more art from the animation music video short Tron Frosty Giant was working on.

These are just some gesture drawings for the side kick of the main charatcer “The Automator”. He is a bad ass Magic using Martial Artist.

Here in a few days I’ll post up the final design we had for the Automator.

The gesture drawings were created by a former employee of Frosty Giant’s David Hawkins. he was a very good artist and I hope his career takes him far!

Thanks everyone!

– Josh


This here is a ruff of a Pac 10 basketball promo piece I decided to do! Been very much in to college basketball this season, and wanted to creat something to showcase it!

Got to give credit where its due and credit for the Spider man pose goes to Sean “Cheeks” Galloway. I wanted to give the perfect pose for my Spiderman, and he had what I was looking for, I did alter the look of my Spiderman as much as I could from his but keeping my style. I think i did a fair job, but most of that should go to Sean Galloway!

I hope to have phase two of this piece done by tomorrow night! So come back soon to see what I have in store!

Thanks everyone!

– Josh

Here is an exclusive look into a new 3D Animation short created by Frosty Giant Productions!!

What you see are the inital character designs for the EVIL LUGGAGE MONSTER!

I’m not able to say much at this point but just know the Luggage monster is the main villian in the short film.

Release date still unknown…






movie poster


Wow! This movie had it all! SEX, MURDER, MYSTERY, THRILLS, and CHILLS!!! I do think every comic lover should see this movie. The movie was a bit graphic for thoughs with light stomaches, but to me it shows you what the other comic movie don’t. It went more in depth of what can really happen to a cape crusader.

Why give it a “B-“? The movie was just to long, and it seemed really long to get the point across that they wanted to get. I understand the reasoning behind why it took so long, They had to get the characters established then the story can be developed, then they have the back story to understand why the story is what it is(sorry if that was confusing), so for each scene having to do this chain of events makes a movie kinda run slow, and so thats why I give it a B-!

All in all I really did like the movie, and recommend seeing it! But understand there is alot of really graphic scenes and alot of sex, so its rated R for a reason!

Enjoy the movie!

– Josh