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Wow! This movie had it all! SEX, MURDER, MYSTERY, THRILLS, and CHILLS!!! I do think every comic lover should see this movie. The movie was a bit graphic for thoughs with light stomaches, but to me it shows you what the other comic movie don’t. It went more in depth of what can really happen to a cape crusader.

Why give it a “B-“? The movie was just to long, and it seemed really long to get the point across that they wanted to get. I understand the reasoning behind why it took so long, They had to get the characters established then the story can be developed, then they have the back story to understand why the story is what it is(sorry if that was confusing), so for each scene having to do this chain of events makes a movie kinda run slow, and so thats why I give it a B-!

All in all I really did like the movie, and recommend seeing it! But understand there is alot of really graphic scenes and alot of sex, so its rated R for a reason!

Enjoy the movie!

– Josh


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