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Here is an exclusive look into a new 3D Animation short created by Frosty Giant Productions!!

What you see are the inital character designs for the EVIL LUGGAGE MONSTER!

I’m not able to say much at this point but just know the Luggage monster is the main villian in the short film.

Release date still unknown…








  1. Great work Josh!. Super line!!

  2. This is awesome! You have a great blog going on here. As for the Darth Vader, I’m definitely interested! When would you need it by? I’ll start sketching it out today. What e-mail address should I send it to? Also, you might like my brother Chogrin’s style too. You can check his stuff out here:


  3. Cool…can’t wait to see more!!

  4. Hey would love to do a Darth Vader. you can send me more info on it to my gmail address.



  5. Nice work you have here love the model sheets. Let me know more about your Darth Vader illustration, I think it would be a lot of fun. contact me anytime

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