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A few months back I came up with an idea for a comic book. I started creating the story and the characters, but the enthusiasm for the project just wasn’t there. After doing tons of research in the hundreds of different styles of martial arts I decided it was time for me to pick The Tournament up once more with my new found knowledge and give the story and characters a huge make over. So this is a ruff of Gurukkal!

Gurukkal is a master of the martial arts known as Kalarippayattu. They are master of flexibility, meditation, weaponry, grappling, and high kicks. Kalarippayattu warriors are some of the greatest martial artists in the world!



  1. Kalarippayattu… that’s a mouthful!

    Awesome work. Lotsa’ muscles. Hope they’re note purely decorative.

  2. And by “note,” I mean, “not” 🙂

  3. Haha You crack me up Debra!

  4. Hey Josh,

    Thanks for your comment. I remember seeing some of your work on artjumbel 😉 The project you mentioned sounds interesting, shoot me an email so that we can talk about it in more details. Keep on cranking out designs!

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