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I had sometime to Ink up Gurukkal. I am really happy with his results but would love everyone’s feedback. He is the first installment of many characters for the comic book. I’ll try to color him up as soon as I can and post it here next to this one!



  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the nice comments! Thanks also for inviting me to participate in the Darth Vader book! I would love to be a part of that. Email me with any details and a deadline. Gracias!

  2. Yeah….I also want to thank you for the blog visit and invite for the Darth Vader Book! Sounds like a really fun idea and I’d love to be involved…please E-mail me with the details…thanks again!

  3. Hi guy, thanks for the invite!!

    I’m TOTALLY in on the Vader thing, what’s the due date, image measurements, form of delivery (ftp, email, post,etc.)?

  4. You have some amazing work ! Followed your link from your blog comment, thanks so much for the kind words. I am TOTALLY into this hahaha . Darth Vader was a big part of my young life , so I am IN. I need the same info as craig as well ! im assuming print sized…all that jazz haha. Just give me a ! i’ll check back here often , thanks man!.

  5. hey man,

    thanks for your comment and id love to hear/talk more about this vader book you got cookin.


    send me an email:

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