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So I finally had sometime to color him, and I have to say I like the result!

Please give me your feedback!

– Josh




  1. Hey, thanks for suggesting me to join your darth vader contributing book. Would you send me more information about it via email? thanks.

  2. It rocks!

  3. Yep,
    lets do it!
    I have done Darth Vader (only not with the mask)
    but Im a big SW fan (not the convention type)but still a big connosieur and lover of the saga.
    SO how u wanna do this, just drop me a line to my email then, its on my contact info.

    ps:I have a han solo/chewbacca post on my blog i dont know if you saw it

  4. Hi Josh, thanks for the words. You have some great stuff on your blog too.

    About the Darth Vader thing, I don’t have any pre-drawn vaders, but i’d be happy to do one. Can you email me any details? who? what? when? etc…


  5. yes! i would love to draw a darth vader for your book 🙂 i’ve always thought about doing a darth.

  6. Man, I am so jealous of your skills Josh! Great work!

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