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Monthly Archives: May 2009


This was a very fun piece to create. I am really happy Cheeks invited everyone in on his creation.

I learned some new techniques while doing this piece and over all I am very happy with it!

I feel like I have drawn Kuta so many times now that I want to do a quick pencil test animation with him. Maybe I’ll ask Cheeks if that would be cool…

Well I hope you all enjoy!

– Josh



Wow! This a good movie!

This was a movie I really came in thinking could be really cheesy, but JJ Abrams did an outstanding job! The cast and crew were amazing with a great story to back them up. I swear I sat down in the full theater the movie started and it felt like a flash and it was done! I looked over at my friend and before I could say it he says “It’s done already?” We both look down at our watches and realize two hours of amazement had already passed us by, but we knew we were thirsty for more!

I strongly tell you to get off your butts and sit them in a theater playing this film! I can’t wait for the next one!

– Josh

Luggage Monster color layout copy

I’m very happy with the way he has turned out thus far. Were gonna try to keep him the only 2D object in the entire 3D film. I think if we do it right it will be pulled off really well!

Keep you all posted!

– Josh


So it is hard to come up with a pose of Spiderman that hasn’t been done before! And then making it work on paper when you do get the pose you want is like pulling teeth! Haha well at least for me it is!

This was for the Art Jumble topic! I really enjoyed doing it, and can’t wait to see what is next!

– Josh


Just a rough but this is pretty much the Idea of the next character designed for “The Tournament”. His name is Tho, he is a master of Shaolin kung fu. He decides to join the tournament to better understand how well his skill level is and how much more he needs to train.

The inked version will come soon. I have some fixing still to do on him, but I thought why not post him up!?

Hope you enjoy!

– Josh



Sorry for the Delay I actually saw this movie a few days ago, but I just now have had enough time post it up!

Wolverine was bad ass! It would have gotten and “A” but I am one of those who hates it when comic book movies don’t follow the comic book, and this one sort of did but at the same time didn’t at all!

I think most of the characters played there roles very well, I do have to say though it is very hard to take Ryan Reynolds serious in any role, all I ever think about is Van Wilder when I see him in a movie!

Hugh Jackman was great as always and so were the remaining other characters, but another thing I didn’t like was how different Striker and Sabertooth were from the original movies. I know its suppose to be the past and everything but I think they could have done it a bit better to have them fit more.

I say go see the movie sit back and enjoy it! The story is great, and there are little things here and there that you will love.

Good film!

– Josh