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Just a rough but this is pretty much the Idea of the next character designed for “The Tournament”. His name is Tho, he is a master of Shaolin kung fu. He decides to join the tournament to better understand how well his skill level is and how much more he needs to train.

The inked version will come soon. I have some fixing still to do on him, but I thought why not post him up!?

Hope you enjoy!

– Josh



  1. Hey, I just checked my messages on my blog and just stumbled upon the comment you left regarding me doing a darth vader rendition. Well i’d love to be of service and i will get to working on something asap. this is my email address –, please email me and let me know that you got this message.

  2. Hey Josh – Nice stuff on here – I really dig the animated feel. Thanks for the comments on my blog! I’ve done a couple of Darth Vaders in the past, in collaboration with a friend that can be seen on our ‘lunchtimespecial’ blog –

    Those I inked/finished, so not mine totally….I’d love to do a Darth Vader, though, for the book you mentioned. Send me more info! Thanks.

  3. hey man —

    i’d love to be a part of your darth vader project. can you send me more info?

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