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Sorry for the Delay I actually saw this movie a few days ago, but I just now have had enough time post it up!

Wolverine was bad ass! It would have gotten and “A” but I am one of those who hates it when comic book movies don’t follow the comic book, and this one sort of did but at the same time didn’t at all!

I think most of the characters played there roles very well, I do have to say though it is very hard to take Ryan Reynolds serious in any role, all I ever think about is Van Wilder when I see him in a movie!

Hugh Jackman was great as always and so were the remaining other characters, but another thing I didn’t like was how different Striker and Sabertooth were from the original movies. I know its suppose to be the past and everything but I think they could have done it a bit better to have them fit more.

I say go see the movie sit back and enjoy it! The story is great, and there are little things here and there that you will love.

Good film!

– Josh


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