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Luggage Monster color layout copy

I’m very happy with the way he has turned out thus far. Were gonna try to keep him the only 2D object in the entire 3D film. I think if we do it right it will be pulled off really well!

Keep you all posted!

– Josh



  1. Hey Josh,
    Nice work. You left a message on my blog asking about a Darth Vader piece. I wasn’t sure how to contact you, so I figured I’d leave something here. I’d definitely be interested in that, so email me and let me know some more info on it.


  2. Nice ghost design, Josh…. would love to see the finished animation! Thanks for your comments, and the invite to your D.V. book, I’ll see what I can come up with. Feel free to email me with any other details.

  3. looking good Josh. i really like the spidey design. Very cool take on him.

  4. hey Josh…somethings up with your E-mail…I tried sending my my Vader file over but it keeps bouncing back. I have “”, let me know if that’s the right one when you get a sec. Thanks

  5. Hi Josh!

    Thank’s for your request, about Darth Vader Tribute.
    I am interested at this project, so for details and more brief, contact me at my e-mail.

    Thnank you.


  6. Josh I’ll totally hook yur book up!….just gimme more details!

  7. Hey Josh,
    Thanks for the comments on my blog and for the offer to contribute to the Darth book. It totally sounds like an awesome idea, but sadly I’ll have to decline as the schedule is extremely full these days. I hope it all goes well and look forward to seeing what it turns out like!
    Thanks again my friend! Keep up the great work and keep in touch.

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