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Wow! This a good movie!

This was a movie I really came in thinking could be really cheesy, but JJ Abrams did an outstanding job! The cast and crew were amazing with a great story to back them up. I swear I sat down in the full theater the movie started and it felt like a flash and it was done! I looked over at my friend and before I could say it he says “It’s done already?” We both look down at our watches and realize two hours of amazement had already passed us by, but we knew we were thirsty for more!

I strongly tell you to get off your butts and sit them in a theater playing this film! I can’t wait for the next one!

– Josh



  1. I can’t believe I didn’t watch this yet?! I’ll end up having to watch at that $2 cinema. LOL.

  2. Agreed Star Trek was total ownage! I’ve been watching the old episodes online and i was ready to attack this movie fervently, but they totally blew me away! the casting was phenomenal and all the little nuances they added were just amazing! i’m glad they used characters like pike too! so great!

    i just saw a comment you left on my super ranty blog post on my last month about a darth vader project!? if it’s not done i’d love to be a part of it! shoot me an email straight at if ya have time!


  3. Finally saw it and LOVE IT!!!! Great film.

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