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Kuta_zero1 copy

Kuta_zero2 copy

Kuta_zero3 copy

Kuta_zero4 copy

Kuta_zero5 copy

I had so much doing the last Kuta piece I couldn’t stop thinking about doing more, so I went with my gut and spent the weekend drawing up some fighting sequences of Kuta taking on Zero. These are all Sean “Cheeks” Galloway’s characters.

Cheeks has such inspiring work! I suggest everyone stopping by and taking a look at what he can do!

– Josh



  1. Very cool panels.

  2. hey, Josh! your take on the fight sequence still steals my breath away!

  3. Thanks guys! I will get some colors thrown done on these I promise!! It just might take a bit longer then I originally thought. I just got overloaded with some animation projects with Frosty Giant, but hey I’m not complaining!

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