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After a few months of searching and posting awful concepts I think I finally feel satisfyed with the Look of Tho. If you can’t tell from his look he is a monk of the shoalin. He goes on the quest to enter the tournament to honor his temple . Along the way Tho will encouter things he will have never expected. Stay tuned for more details on Tho and others from The Tournament!!!



  1. I really enjoyed this post love anything to do with monks of the shoalin. Great colors! I just came across your comment on my blog about doing a Darth Vader and would like to be a part of the darkside. If its not to late let me know. Great site. I’ll be back to check out any new posts.

  2. Love the pose and his form. I think you nailed it with this one. Nice Josh!

  3. you definitely have something to be proud about. great design and wonderful colors.

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