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Monthly Archives: July 2009

five point turn Grynch copy

That’s right another “My Volvo” post! Here is the 5 point turn for the main character by the name of course of The Grynch! Man scanning the image really darkened the lines more then I would of liked, I’ll probably rescan later but I wanted to post up before I have to leave for a meeting! Let me know if any of you has any feedback! I would love to here anything you got to say!

Thanks everyone!


I have been studying the many forms of martial arts for sometime now. The Tournament comic being created by Frosty Giant will contain many different forms of martial arts and you will see epic battles of the different forms!

While studying I came across the single man they say is responsible for meditation, yoga, and well martial arts its self! His name was Bodhidharma! (Click his name if you want to know more info on him) I decided to draw a version of him in my style. This Image although rough is the part of his journey where he realizes the walk from India to China is a lot further then he thought. Haha I thought it was fitting, but if not for Bodhidharma. The martial arts world would not be what it is today!

Thank you Bodhidharma!


First off I would like to apologize for the gaps I have been doing between my posts, and for the amount of half finished work I have been posting, but now your about to find out why I have been kinda distant from the blog… This Sheet here is to a new upcoming Music Video Frosty Giant is animating to called “My Volvo”!

The Grynch, a Pacific Northwest Rap artist has come to my company and asked for us to throw together a animation music video for his latest cut called “My Volvo”! We are doing this animation piece by piece, and so as it progresses you can check out the work here on my blog, or Over at the Frosty Giant blog! But be sure to stay tuned!

Thanks everyone!

ufc poster

Hey everyone! I just wanted to post up the poster design I did for the UFC 100 party I’m having with some friends. I have been into the UFC for a bit now and am very excited about the three card main event there going to have! I hope you enjoy the poster as much as I enjoyed making it!

Thanks y’all

– Josh

rough 5 star2

Hey everyone! Sorry it has been a few weeks since my last post, its been very hectic on my end, not to mention I was on vacation for a bit longer then a week. Things have been moving quite well and I wanted to show you guys the rough poster design I am doing for a story I have been working on.

Five Star Soldiers is a fictional story about a group of soldiers in WWII who get forgotten while on a mission. The story is about the struggles of them making their trek through hostel territories. On their journey they create a bond like something you could only know if you were lost and had no one else to rely on. They decide to call themselves the Five Star Soldiers for there is five members and five stars is the greatest you can be!

This may not be exactly the layout for the poster in the end but its something for now while I work to create something more final. I still have plenty of detailing to do with the hands and guns, as well as a few other parts, but I hope you enjoy stage one of the work in progress!

Let me know what you think please!

– Josh