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Monthly Archives: August 2009


Just trying to stay comfortable with my characters for my upcoming comic. This elephant is pound for pound a huge threat! With is background in Kalarippayattu, Sumo, and MMA he is a very feared and talented fighter trying to prove his supreme skills against the worlds best!


Got to the coloring stages. I think he really is starting to turn out! Thanks to Joe Mad for already having pretty much the colors already laid out for me. I do really like it at this stage but I may or may not do a bit more. Maybe add in a background, some highlights, I don’t know yet. Will see where it goes! Let me know if you have any suggestions!



I just added were the shadows will go in the image.

I have been getting some great feedback from fellow artists that I have showed this tribute piece too! I thank everybody for stopping by and I hope you enjoy this next installment!


Here is the inked version! I am gonna try some stuff when it comes to color so I had to try to keep the line weight very simular.

Hope you like!


I have always been inspired by Joe Mad. It seems with every line he puts on the paper and as his images come to life I can visualize his work jumping off the page and battling before my eyes! With that said it will now be possible for that to happen, but more so for me to create the action his characters are doing! In January 2010 Darkstalkers will be released and the epic struggle of the apocalypse from Joe’s eyes will come to life!

I felt an urge to create a piece for sometime now on this new epic that is about to become, and so looking over many of Joe’s pieces on the main character “War” I found one that I really liked, and so I set off to do a Josh Frost version of the piece. I plan on doing a three part series of this image. Of course this being the first one. The next installment will be it inked, and the final¬† being in color!

So please come back and enjoy!

– Josh

So for a bit now I have been developing a comic book with fighting characters, a almost “Street Fighter” type tournament fighter story. I have been having trouble with some of the development of the characters when all of a sudden I was looking through some inspirational¬† art books and watching some classic cartoons when it hit me to try the book in a new way…¬† With animal characters! I developed one real quick to see if it would work! I think it may be a fun idea! Let me know what you think!