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I have always been inspired by Joe Mad. It seems with every line he puts on the paper and as his images come to life I can visualize his work jumping off the page and battling before my eyes! With that said it will now be possible for that to happen, but more so for me to create the action his characters are doing! In January 2010 Darkstalkers will be released and the epic struggle of the apocalypse from Joe’s eyes will come to life!

I felt an urge to create a piece for sometime now on this new epic that is about to become, and so looking over many of Joe’s pieces on the main character “War” I found one that I really liked, and so I set off to do a Josh Frost version of the piece. I plan on doing a three part series of this image. Of course this being the first one. The next installment will be it inked, and the final  being in color!

So please come back and enjoy!

– Josh


One Comment

  1. Ah man…I been checkin your site, but just realized where the comments were…damn I am retarded with this stuff. Your work is really coming along man. I love this Dark Stalkers tribute. It’s hard for me to make swords look like they are coming out toward the viewer ..but you really pulled it off man. Killer stuff…keep em comin!!!

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