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Monthly Archives: October 2009

King Pin

Feeling pretty gangster after I found that after my two months on Deviantart I have gotten 1000 page views! So nothing better to do for this gangster moment the create an image of the ultimate gangster THE KING PIN!!!

I am really happy in the way this came out! I may have to submit another with a red tie i wasn’t sure which was better?

please let me know how you feel about this piece!

thanks for everything!

– Josh

Pain's Ride

I was doing more on my Pain Wes Franklin art, and decided it’s time to give him a ride! Looking into this bad ass I thought he needs a muscle car, but he lives in the future, so I drew up a image of a 68 Camaro, and then modified it to a bad ass space craft! I will do up some finals but I wanted to post up the before and after! There was about 5-10 concepts in between these two, but the final concept is what you see to the right! Let me know what you think!

Shwann first two steps

I was really not Happy with my last DJ Shwann creation, but wanted to get something to him by his deadline. I recently told him how unhappy I was and how I decided to take a redo! Haha

When I decided how to tackle this image I decided I would love to see how he was turned into the man you see now. What did it look like in his origin. I really think the more you understand the character your creating the better it will come out. You will feel the emotion more in the final result.

These are just steps 1 and 2 of my illustration. I may ask a great color artist to take a stab for me on coloring this image, but if he aint interested then I will start the colors after my brief trip to New York.

Hope you enjoy Shwann! The finish will come very soon!


Hey everyone! I hope all is well! I am packing for a weekend visit to good old New York but I wanted to post this up before I get to crazy into the packing! It’s just pretty much a comp of the Darth Frostius images I have already done. I actually really like the way it came out! I can really see further exploration with him!

Hope you all enjoy! Please let me know what you think!



So I am always reading on ways to improve my character design skills, and well time and time again I read “take what you love from the artists you love. Practice in their methods and you will improve your art.” So with these roughs of “Pain” West Franklin I did just that. I studied the hell out of three of the most inspirational artists in my life right now: Dapper Dan, Cheeks and Jeffrey Cruz I thank all the artists who inspire and really want to give thanks to these crazy cats with their amazing artwork!

I’m really happy with this character and think I may continue on him. Who knows maybe he will be my next big thing!

I hope you all enjoy!

– Josh


This is a art submission piece for DJ Shwann. I think I may have been able to do a better job, but there are parts of this image I really like! I hope you all like it…

– Josh

Dan Aykroyd

First a for most I want to give a huge thank you and shout out to the awesome Dapper Dan for totally allowing me to reference his work. Thanks man!

So if you have not heard Dan Aykroyd is doing a world tour promoting his new vodka check it out here: [link] and yesterday he came to my great city of Seattle! Waiting in line to meet him was totally worth it for he is AWESOME! I bought a bottle of his drink he signed it. He took a look at my piece of artwork thanked me for it and signed the photocopy I made of it for me to keep! I told him I couldn’t wait for Ghost Busters 3 and he politely responded “working on it!” It was a rather quick meeting but a good one! I suggest everyone checking what he has to sell out and meeting him if you ever get the chance!