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Shwann first two steps

I was really not Happy with my last DJ Shwann creation, but wanted to get something to him by his deadline. I recently told him how unhappy I was and how I decided to take a redo! Haha

When I decided how to tackle this image I decided I would love to see how he was turned into the man you see now. What did it look like in his origin. I really think the more you understand the character your creating the better it will come out. You will feel the emotion more in the final result.

These are just steps 1 and 2 of my illustration. I may ask a great color artist to take a stab for me on coloring this image, but if he aint interested then I will start the colors after my brief trip to New York.

Hope you enjoy Shwann! The finish will come very soon!



  1. Wow, really clean lines Frosty!

  2. Thank you my friend!

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