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Pain's Ride

I was doing more on my Pain Wes Franklin art, and decided it’s time to give him a ride! Looking into this bad ass I thought he needs a muscle car, but he lives in the future, so I drew up a image of a 68 Camaro, and then modified it to a bad ass space craft! I will do up some finals but I wanted to post up the before and after! There was about 5-10 concepts in between these two, but the final concept is what you see to the right! Let me know what you think!



  1. Finally got a new post up here…been slackin myself. Great work man. I am really enjoying drawing and painting things and environments these days. It really adds a lot when you can drop a character into a setting. Keep up the great work my friend!!

  2. Thank you my friend! It really means a lot. Your work is looking freaking awesome as well!

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