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Monthly Archives: November 2009

In this epic battle the world will shake! I have been thinking about doing up some panels of these to crazy fighters in a epic duel. I think I may be able to add a cool touch to the Street Fighter Style and so here I go!

Please let me know what ya think!

Gouken the Legend.

I decided to draw up some Street Fighter Characters and this is the first of the bunch. I think I may do up some panels of a battle, will see. For now I hope you all enjoy this piece, As always would love to know what you think!

Haha I totally realize I didn’t even add my signature! Oops!

A good friend of mine asked me if I would be so kind to draw him Rocko, and well I just couldn’t resist not doing it! I loved the show and even though it’s not on anymore I still do! I wanted to post up the rough since I haven’t posted anything in about a week or two. I can’t take to much credit in the creative department on this image. I was having trouble coming up with something original with Rocko and pretty much just looked at a pic online and drew that one. I will still throw my coloring style on it and should have it done sooner then later. please let me know what you think!



Hey everyone!

So if you hadn’t noticed my blog, well, it’s full of dudes! I felt this needed to be changed and so I started with one of the most famous Super Heroines Invisible Woman! I decided to show you that I drew all of her instead of putting a layer mask or some effect turning part of her invisible. I may post another one up here soon with that effect.

I got to give two shout outs for I used them as reference. First a SUPER awesome artist Lauriel Breitkrevz She has a great gallery of reference with females and great poses. She actually just posts a Invisible Woman tonight as well. I swear I didn’t copy her haha! Although the pose is kinda similar!

The other shout out is to Scott Campbell ‘s Danger Girl Sketchbook! Great as well for reference! If you haven’t checked it out yet I suggest you do!

Well thanks everyone! I hope you like!

-Josh “Frosty” Frost


Here is my Iron Giant Project piece! I was very excited to be a part of this great project! I have always thought this to be in the top ten when it comes to aimated films! I hope you all enjoy the piece!