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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Hey gang!

Feels good to post again!

I decided after being inspired by Dax Gordine and Gerald DeDios to do up a 10 card series of Starwars Sketch cards, and here is the first two in the series! Obi Wan and R2D2!!!

Obi Wan


Just a very simple logo I did up for a company. Hope you dig!

Hey gang!

I just wanted to try out some inking techniques and so decided to create a quick Colossus sketch then try out the inking.

Hope you like! Let me kno if you want to!!

So I have had a few people ask me if I could post up some Background’s for Galaxy Hunters. I am no where near finished but i thought I might as well show you very early lines for a City on the planet Cebula, the original home of Centapod people.

I am in now way a BG designer and know this might not look the greatest, but I am gonna keep working at it and get it to where I want it to be! If your a background designer out there and would love to help me out on this let me know! Hahah

I hope you guys like!!

I have been really pumped with the great ovation that you guys have been giving Galaxy Hunters, and so I thought you guys may like to see another character.

His name is Lone Jack, He is a Galaxy Hunter as well, however he has more of a mean streak and takes the jobs more as a Mercenary then he does an officer. Lone Jack is a weapons specialist and is not to shabby on his feet! You will def see him and Wes get into some great conflicts as the story progresses!

I hope your not sick of the posts today, but here is a couple more characters in Galaxy hunters. They are Outside bouncer type guards at a Centapods only club that Wes has to get into to take down Galar.

I really enjoy these characters! This is going to be a great sequence to work on! I don’t want to give to much away but lets just say you will see some skill from Wes during this part of the story! Hahaha

So Here is a drug smuggling Centapod by the name of Galar. He is the first you will see that is under the wrath of Wes. Wes knows if he is going to get close to Kang Tun he will need to start small to get the answers he needs.

Galar is one in which is good at eluding when he needs to get away, but will he get away from Wes…. You will have to wait and see! Hahaha

As always comments are greatly appreciated!

Here was the first page of Centapod concepts I did. I had to seam the page together, and I didn’t take to much time making the pages clean. I thought this is just a rough sheet so I am not going to worry to much, but I just wanted to show you my usual design process to get the character I think would best fit. In the next post or two you will see some of the closer to final designs for the centapods. I have been doing much designing and I think I have found what I like, so stay tuned!!

I referenced the great Disney animator Sandro Cleuzo on some of these concepts check out his blog: [link]

All right everyone. Here is a quick expression sheet for Wes Franklin, The main character in the Galaxy Hunters story. I really enjoy drawing him! He has a sweet flow when I start creating! If you missed what the Story was about just click on this [link]

Please let me know what you think!

I should explain this may not be the final logo

I decided it times to let you in on my little project I have been working on for a bit now.

Galaxy Hunters is a story based in 4052. It is a fictional futuristic Milky Way galaxy with many types of creatures and species. With all the chaos going on at all times the Intergalactic United Federation has created bounty hunter type police officers named Galaxy Hunters. They are to use any method necessary to attain there alleged criminal.

Galaxy Hunter Wes Franklin took on the task to take down a supreme drug lord from the Centapod race known as Kang Tun. Kang Tun refers to himself as the cent-a-god ruler of all Centapods. Wes, being one of the top Galaxy Hunters is known for his accomplishments, and for never backing down to a task, he decides not to heed the warning from Kang Tun of backing off and because of his decision. Kang Tun has his entire family killed. Wes destroyed inside and wanting vengeance for his family goes on a rampage taking out every Centapod in his path until he gets to Kang Tun. The rampage and lack of emotion Wes shows brings on the nickname Pain.

Wes now is getting close to his target, and can feel he is finally close to getting the revenge he so seeks…

Keep coming back, as I will keep updating from time to time showing you designs and exclusives.

Galaxy Hunters Should be released sometime in late 2010!