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Hey gang!

I just wanted to try out some inking techniques and so decided to create a quick Colossus sketch then try out the inking.

Hope you like! Let me kno if you want to!!



  1. thats cool. lol.
    i like it

  2. oooo – you trying the bold outside, thin inside technique….now you are ready for the 35th chamber of Shaolin. What’s he looking at? Sentinals eye ball that he just ripped out?

  3. Thanks Kseverny!

    Haha Gerald! I am ready for the Shaolin!!! Bring it!! I don’t know what he is looking at! I was just in one of the modes where I was really trying to make everything flow, and so I just drew what felt right! It was a really quick sketch only like 5 min or so!

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