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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Checking my e mail I got an exciting e mail when I found that Kendrick Tu had finished the colors for Galar!

I am hugely impressed with what he did! Galar is a Centapod in a race for his life again Wes. He is a character in the upcoming Comic of Galaxy Hunters!!

Lines by: Me

Colors by: Kendrick Tu

Here is the next villain in my super secret villain project I told you all about in my Doom post which you can check out here:[link]

Sidious gives evil a face behind the word! This is a very rough version but I just felt the need to post it now, dont really know why, but well I did haha I am sure I will do updates on it! for now I hope you likes!!

The doctor himself!.. DOOOOOOM!! Haha

I have an idea for a piece involving him and five other villains, and well I will be posting as it goes until it’s done!

Hopes you likes!!!!!!

Hey gang!

Alright so here is the first in what may be( I hope) A long line of commissions! This is for my pal  Charlie McElvy. He has a storyline with some great characters and I have the great honor of turning his characters into my animation style. I feel this being a great venture for us both, and I can’t wait to see whats next!!

Hope you guys dig!!

So do you remember a few months back when I drew this up and said I would color it??? Well I finally did!

This is for one of my good homies Jimmy Sneil, we use to work together back in the Disney days! He asked me for this forever ago and I just now am getting it to him! Sorry Jimmy I hope you likes!

I hope you all likes as well =)

Oh and like I said before I was struggling coming up with my own version so I just looked at an image online and drew what I saw, not to creative I know, but I made sure to try to add my own feel where I could!

So looking through my Batman Animated book, which is awesome, I flipped to the page with Bane and thought to myself, I really want to draw him! Bruce Timm has that really great style, and I didn’t want to take anything away from is great design, but of course I wanted to add in my own twist, and this is what I came up with!

I referenced my usual fav artists Sean”Cheeks”Galloway and Dan Schoening my unknown mentors haha as in they don’t know it! Hahaha

Hope you like! Oh and yes I am going to color it up!

Wow!! Okay so let me try to get this out with out missing anyone!

First off this is my submission for Kalia Cheng’s draw off!

The draw off is to recreate your top 21 fav heros from past to present, well I have way to many so I just picked the first 21 that came to mind! and here they are!!!

Starting from left to right we got: Ken, Optimus Prime, Deadpool, Guile, Mario Mario, Silver Surfer, Wolverine, Yoda, Robin Hood, Spiderman, Batman, He Man, Captain Planet, Superman, Zero, Leonardo, Robo Cop, Mega Man, Link, Darkwing Duck, and John Rambo!!!!!!!!!!

Man this was a super fun project to do!!! I enjoyed drawing all these guys, chibi style especially!!!!!! But it would not have been possible if it weren\’t for some really Talented cats that I referenced. From creators, specific design, and just pose reference here is a shout out to all that helped make me make this possible!
Shout outs!: Gerald DeDios, Bruce Timm, Sean Galloway, Dan Schoening, Eric Zermeno, Kathi Castillo, Milt Kahl, Edward Neumeier, Michael Miner, Filmation, Alex Ross, Bob Kane, Stan Lee, Disney, George Lucas, Genndy Tartakovsky, Capcom, Nintendo, Peter Laird, Hugh Freeman, Dax Gordine, and David Morrell, and Chamba

If I missed anyone I am really sorry!! Thanks you for all your inspration throughout my years!

I really hope you all enjoy!!

Wow!!! That’s all I was able to say when I opened up the e mail and saw this bad boy in it!! Kendrick Tu hit the nail on the coffin with this one!! The colors are exactly are perfect!!

This is Wes’s inner atmospheric space ship! It’s not meant for space travel, although it is able to make it small durations!

Wes loves this ship! It’s his baby! He would much rather be in this then a giant cruiser. you will see plenty of this ship in the comic panels of the future so stay tuned!!!

Ship lines by: me

Colors: Kendrick Tu
BG elements: Kendrick Tu

So my good pal Cheeks hooked me up with some corrections for one of the Oki’s I did last week!!!!!! It looks freaking great!!! Look at it!!! Now again!!! Haha!! Man when I compare his work directly to mine it really shows me that I still got much work to do before I can say I am in his ball park!!! He is a super cool homie though, and so am blessed I have him in my life helping me when need be! Thanks Cheeks!!!

Left design: Me

RIGHT AMAZING design: Cheeks

All bastion’s 7 characters are copyright Sean”Cheeks”Galloway