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And here is the next character for the StarWars An Animals Tail I was drawing up!

I wanted to make a Sith, but wasn’t sure on which animal and how to design it, so I checked out David Coleman’s book, the art of the Clone wars book, and came up with this bad boy! I am pretty happy with him! I actually think I am gonna go back and clean up the other characters you saw previous! This is by all means just fan art but I actually am getting some good feed back, so I am gonna keep at it!



  1. You definitely should make Yoda a tortoise. I also don’t know how I feel about Darth Chimp. I don’t think of chimp when I see Darth Vader. I can’t give you a suggestions, so sorry for even bringing this up. :/

    • Haha it’s not suppose to be Vader! Just a Sith. There all named Darth. You got Vader, Bane, Sidious, even Tyrannous

      Sorry for the confusion though!

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