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Hey gang!

I thought you guys may like to see a concept I decided to try out called “Star Wars an Animals Tail”! Basically just taking the fundamentals of the Starwars universe and making into a, well, animal friendly place haha.

In the image you see the great ape(Jedi Master), a horned trooper, Jedi Master felinous, and a basic turtle protocol droid by the name of C-3Kuppa Truppa.

I was very inspired by David Colemans book called The Art of Animal Character Design. I picked it up last week at WonderCon, and I have to tell you it his hugely inspiring!! You can check out his work and ordering info here: [link]

Well got to get back to the grind! I hope you enjoy!

Ps: This is fictional fanart, nothing that, well, at least right now is in production! Haha


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