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So I told DJ Shwann a long time ago I would do more with his characters, and well, finally I am getting back into it!

Strong reference and love for this Shwann piece: [link]

For those of you who got excited by seeing the Shwann animated banner, I regret to inform you this is just a fan fiction piece and as of now anyway DJ Shwann and I haven’t talked about doing anything animated with his characters. Although it could be fun!

A long time ago in a far away place I did a Shwann piece that I wasn’t very proud of, and so ever since then I have been very compelled to do another. I am going to continue and do the rest of the characters in the series and who know maybe some other things along the way. This was a good piece to do as a break from the craziness I have been on with my animations and other commissions.

DJ Shwann I hope you like! Same as well to all’s!!!

Thanks er body!!!


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