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Monthly Archives: May 2010

A treat for you all!!!

The second in the commissions for my man Matt Smith

I was really happy with the way the pose came out, but then out of nowhere Kendrick Tu and his crazy colors blew everything to an amazing new level!

I really hope you all enjoy! And if your interested in a commission of your own from us just drop one of us a note and comment, we still got a few spots left!!

Thanks everyone I really hopes you diggs!!

Lines: Me
Colours: Kendrick Tu

Toy Story 3 is coming out soon, and my buddy Kirk P. came up with an awesome idea to get people together in a big colab were the honor the release of the movie by drawing up their fav Toy Story character and he is going to compile them together to create an awesome Toy Story fan piece! For more info just hit him up with a comment or note and he will tell you the rest!

I really hopes you guys like! Please let me know!

– Josh

Hey everybody!

I give you my version of Super Girl! It’s part one of a commission for Roberto L. He is also one of the luckies that one the free colors by the amazing Kendrick Tu. Like on my previous post I wouldn’t normally show you the sketch for the commission but since this was one of the free ones given out I decided why not! Haha

I really dig the Super girl outfit with the white shirt and skirt. I think that is my fav from the many different types and so made it the costume choice for my design!

Colours to come soon but I hope ya’ll enjoy this for now!

– Josh

Hey gang!

Here is part 1 of a commission for my man Chuck Perry. I usually wouldn’t post the commission until its done, and this is one of the commission’s that won the free colours from Kendrick Tu, but I thought since this is one of the free commissions I am gonna post it anyways! Haha

Okay so this literally took me ten attempts! I was struggling to get a good pose for this guy. I was looking at all these Tony Hawk images but nothing… THEN looking threw my new found friend frogbillgo’s gallery I found a pretty sweet image that I thought I could use as reference: [link] and well with out further or due this is what I ended up with!

This guy’s name is Frosty which I think is hilarious cuz well that’s my nickname from most people! He is a skater that hates frat boys for the killed his younger bro( pretty deep)

Kendrick Tu colours to come! Enjoy!!

– Josh

I got to say this is one of the best pieces I have ever had a chance to work on! And I am honored my boy Smitty commissioned me to do such a piece!

It took a few attempts but the I finally drew up a pose i thought fit Venom perfect! But I would love to know what ya’ll think!

Thanks everybody!!

Lines by: me

Colours by: Kendrick Tu

– Josh

I know you all have been waiting for more with the Starwars an animals tail, and well I got you!

My boy Kendrick Tu Hooked this up!!!!! I can’t believe this!! The colors are amazing!!

And yes we will have more in store for you down the line!!

I really hope you likes!!

Colors By: Kendrick Tu
Lines by: Me

– Josh

Hey gang I thought you might like to see the best so far in my opinion of the Monkey Troopers that I have done. I don’t think he is quite there yet, but I like the track I am on for him!

Let me know what you think!

– Josh

For my Boy DJ Shwann

Added the next character to my line up! I still got three more to get them all! I really had fun with Fader! He is super massive and awesome! Next up will be his twin!! Keep your watch out for it!!

Thanks er body!