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Hey everyone

So I have started preparing my folio for a potential gig with Disney Imagineering, and so I thought I would post a few pieces here on the blog so I can get some feedback from all you peeps! It would mean a lot to here what you have to say.

This piece here is the line art for a logo design of a fictional Ice Cream Parlor in the fictional Disney park I have been working on.

When I was working for Disney a few years back there was always this whisper in the air of a Villains park to be made in the future. Unfortunately, well, at least as of now it never came to pass, but I thought about how cool the park would be, and since I got this thing coming up why not start designing the park in my own light, and so here is the first of many pieces.

Colors soon to come, and the building in which the sign would go on!

Thanks everyone!


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