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*Ink update*

Back again!

So Kay-too usually just wants tthe piece done in pencil and he will do the colors from there but I really wanted to ink this up, and so while watching some of my fav shows I inked the bad boy!

I think it looks a lot better then just the line art!! Hope y’all likes!!

Man I am So behind in my commissions! I am SO SORRY Everyone!! I am getting there though!

Here is a commission of Thanos! Just the Line art, My buddy Kendrick Tu is the one gonna be colouring up this bad boy! I am pretty happy with the way it came out, although I had to do a lot of adjustments in photoshop for I drew to light and it was hard to see, but I feel after the adjustments the image came back to pretty much the original line art! This pose wasn’t 100% mine either I took some reference from this awesome image here: [link] I feel I changed it enough to almost call my own Hahahaha!

Hope Ya’ll like! I can’t wait for the color job on this!!

Thanks gang!


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