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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Hey gang!!

So Here is the final for the Thanos commission, and I have to say once again Kendrick Tu ROCKED IT!!! I love what he did in terms of his colors! Truly made this piece sing!!

This is gonna be the first ever Josh/Kendrick POSTER!!! I asked Keith( The guy this commission is for) If I could get a picture with it and he said yes!!! I will def post that up when it happens!!

Sweet guys! I really hope y’all luvs!! Would love to know what you guys think!!

Colors: Kendrick Tu
Lines: Me

I was blown away today when my homie Meek sent me the inks I requested. I love his inking style, and really love what he has done with this bad boy!!! Colors to come! Stop by Meeks page and show him some love!! The boy as some sweet art!!

Inks: Meek
Lines: Me

Hey gang!!

This is not just an awesome colab from Kendrick Tu and I, but a glimpse of something similar to what you can own!! Kay-too and I have decided to join forces and help out in the fight against cancer, but we need your help!!

For a limited time you can get a HIGH RES commission from us in full color just like this bad boy for only 15$!! 100% of the proceeds go to the fight against cancer!! For more info please click this out: [link]

On another note, this piece in itself is kind of a tribute to a great DA artist Patrick Brown I was so inspired by the pose of Patrick’s Predator piece [link] that he had to pay homage to it with our very own Captain America =) So go give Patrick some love also if you’re not already following him (which you should be ;))

Hope you all’s likes!!

Hey gang!

So even though I am way behind on my work, and am going to probably have to pull of few all nighters to make up for lost time I had to do something for this movie! This movie was GREAT!! Soooooo Funny, and must watch for all!!

I would normally ask my pal Kay-too to throw some colors down on this and make it sing, but he and I are pretty busy, so if anyone out there is interested in inking and/or coloring this just hit me up and let me know, and I will send ya the high res! I hope everyone had a great weekend!!

Please let me know what you think of the line art!!

Sup peeps!

So I had a few of you ask to see just the shark in one of my previous posts, and so here you go! Hopes ya’lls dig!!

Hey all!!

Decided to post up the last of the free commissions I gave out a while ago. This commission is also one that is going to get the colors, so stay tuned. For those still awaiting there colors I promise there coming, we just got a little behind but Kay-too is on it!!

This commish is for my pal Dormworld! This is his character Lord Havoc! He was pretty fun to draw, but the real magic is gonna come when Kay-too throws his colors down!!

I really hope you all’s likes!!

Hey gang! Here is a finished commission sketch for my pal Jessa Sininger She asked me to do her OC Isabella [link] I really dig her design she looked like a fun character. I was gonna ask for more info on the character but I thought it would be kinda fun to just guess, and draw from the model sheet. I felt her as a thinker, very creative, but kinda unorganized. I am not sure if I hit the nail on the head, but I designed it according to what I thought. I really hope you all likes!!

Take care everyone!!!

Here is the final image!!

Hey gang!

I thought I would post up the line art for the Dinaml comic cover I am currently working on. This is a comic creation by
Lucas it’s a pretty cool story, check it out!! Colors should be done at some point tonight!

Hope you all dig!!! Check back later tonight for the finished!

Hey everyone!!

I just got word it was okay to post this bad boy up, and so here we go!

This is a commish for my man Attache! He wanted to do this in honor of the Llama craze going on!! I really hope he digs the final!!

No surprise Kendrick Tu HOOKED UP the colors once again!!

I really dig the way this piece came out!! I would love to know what y’all think as well!!

Colors: Kendrick Tu
pencils: Me
Graffiti: My little bro

Hey gang!!

I am SO PUMPED for this battle!! If you know me well then you know I am into mix martial arts(even if your not I would still love to know what you think of the line art thus far)! I think Brock will truly be tested, and may end up loosing this bout! Either way it’s going to be a good one!!!

This was something I just had a urge to do and just pencil to paper and starter drawing away!! I really am happy with the characters! My layout of all the other stuff is so/so, but over all I am really happy with this the end result!! If I have time tomorrow I will finish this with color and all, but yeah for now I hope you all likes!!!

Thanks everyone!!!