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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Day 10!!!!

I’m the third of the way there! You guys have faith I can still do it?

I thought you guys may get a kick out of the way I did this one. Since all the images of the Lockness Monster are blurred( it seems) I thought why not do that with mine! I actually really like the image so I may post the unblurred version, will see if you all are good =)

I love the legend of the Lockness monster and will find it one day! I remember when I was young my father showed me a book about myths and creatures and in it, it showed this longitude line, and all the lakes along it have at one point claimed to have a myth sea creature just like Nessie. From Champ to the legend in Wyoming, and a few others. It was crazy!

Anyways hope y’all likes =)

– Josh

And the Next Myth is… The Gnome!!!

From the underwear gnomes of South Park to Travelocity gnomes are just awesome =)

I am actually really happy with the way this turned out! He was really fun to draw! He did take two attempts cuz at first I was going to make him angry, but I decided, nope not for this one!

I really hopes you guys likes =)

Here is the other Myth I wasn’t able to post while doing my house sitting!

Ferries!! Got to luv them! There was so much reference on this piece it isn’t even funny! Of course I looked at Tinker bell for some reference, and I also checked out Mark McDonnell’s book for some reference. He has some great ideas and techniques to try, but those to weren’t enough for me to get this idea. I was trying to think of something really fun and challenging to do on this one, and I found a great image over on Bill Presing’s DA page. Bill has inspired me for years, and I thought of him when I was thumbing this out, and sure enough he had the perfect image, and I totally took one of his poses as you will see, but I did have to change the angle for it to make since in my image. Check out his image here: [link]

Just got back from house sitting and finally got my scanner back! Feels good! So without further more, lets bring on the next Myth!

I give you the Legendary Vampire!!! We are in a vampire craze with True Blood, and Twilight, but Vampires have fascinated the minds of many long before that. For mine I did go for more of the urban modern day vampire, I was thinking of doing some crazy looking bat creature but I thought this is more believable.

Shot out to my boy James Lee Stone right now in his gallery he as put together a bunch of poses up for grabs for anyone to use. I told him I would support him and do a piece up in one of his poses, and well here you go! Original pose you can see here: [link]

Hope y’all likes!!

– Josh

Here is Day 6!

The Minotaur was said to live in a labyrinth, and was a huge man eating beast! It was said to put terror in the hearts of man, that is until the day Theseus came and killed the beast! Others say there were multiple of these creatures, either way they would be something I wo9uld try to stay away from!

Pretty standard on this one, but I did try to do more with the pose. Hope you likes!!

– Josh

Day 5!

The Legendary Centaur!! Half man half horse, these creatures were said to be very intelligent and masters of the bow! Some stories even say Hercules learned his bow skill from a centaur! Centaurs were said to live in Magnesia and Mount Pelion in Thessaly, the Foloi oak forest in Elis, and the Malean peninsula in southern Laconia. A very awesome and proud race they were said to be!

I kinda went a little creative in my approach on my Centaur. I didn’t want to just do a normal looking man on top of the horse, and I am happy I didn’t. I think this one may yet be my personal fav of the Myth creatures thus far!

But I would love to know what you think!

Thanks everyone!!

– Josh

My boy Meek continues to impress me!! This time with some awesome colors on the Griffin!! Very nice!

Colors: Meek
Lines: Me

So comes Day 4, and so comes the Faun!

Also known as a Satyr to some. These creatures are men like creatures with goat legs and tail. Phil from Disney’s Hercules probably the most known now a days.

For my Faun I wanted to create something different! I was tired of seeing the common short fat Faun, or even the flute playing happy one, instead I created one you would think twice before coming up to! Going threw Skottie Young’s art book I found a sweet character that gave me a ton of influence on the pose and all. Thanks Skottie for the inspiration!!

I have always loved the look of these creatures and am happy with the one I created, but still would love to know what y’all think!

Thanks everyone! =)

– Josh

Added in a great addition!! The Filipino Wrecking Machine, Mark Munoz!!!!!!! I hope you all likes!!

– Josh

So it’s only day three and I almost wasn’t able to get this in! Man a hard creature to design!!!

The Legendary Griffin!! A noble creature of Greek legend. There were said to be unbelievably powerful, and majestic. They have the body of a lion and the head, wings, and front feet of an eagle!

I have always loved these legendary creatures!

Hope you guys like the sketch =)

Thanks everyone!