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Hey gang!

So This was a piece that started as a doodle, I was just drawing a few things up to try out a new inking style( Which I still am gonna try), then I just kept on drawing, and while drawing I started thinking about different ways these Heroes could all come together.

The story behind Fan Fiction piece is pretty much The Evil Dr. Willy is fed up with loosing to Mega Man and decides he needs a new evil emperor to help him in his quest for world domination, and so he reincarnates Hitler! Mega Man finds out about this, and goes to Dr. Light and together Dr. Light and Mega create a time machine. Mega Man decides to get the aid three form able allies, Rex Steele Nazi Smasher, Captain America, and Wonder Woman. They together become know as the Mega Team, and together fight side by side to once again bring peace back to the land!

Once again this is just fan fiction! But I would love to see it become something Hahaha

Thanks everyone! My new ink style to come! =)


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