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Here is a look into one of the crazy lands Wes will par take in. I was inspired to create this creature from watching “Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man’s Chest”. I wanted to create a creature from which came out of the land it’s self much as the guy from the Flying Dutchmen boat. I also hugely referenced the great works of Andy Park in the “Art of God of War 2” book I own. I am really happy with the final, and hopes you all likes it to! Thanks everyone, and please let me know what y’all think! =)

– Josh



  1. So who’s that face coming out of the wall? Seems out of no where — is your boy Kaytu (spelling?) coloring this sucker?

    • You will see when you buy the comic!! Haha nah it’s a creature enslaved to the land.

      Kay-too I haven’t asked yet just cuz of what we got on our plate already! But maybe!

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