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For The next 30 days I am gonna challenge myself to put together 30 creatures of myth past and present! Should be fun!!

Starting my Myth challenge with one of the greatest legends around, the legendary Bigfoot!

He had to be my first! I live in Seattle, and the pacific Northwest prides itself with the legend, My production company is named Frosty Giant! And my mascot Tartangus, who is gonna get a face lift soon, is also one of these creatures of legend!!

These creatures are seen far and wide and have a different name in all different neck of the woods, from the Skunk Ape, and Yetti, to Sasquatch, and the Grassman, and you know what call me crazy but I think they’re out there! When I make it big one day I want to put together a expedition to find one in Alaska! Anyone want to come??

Please let me know what y’all think, and stay tuned for many more of these to come!!

Thanks everyone!

– Josh


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