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Added in a great addition!! The Filipino Wrecking Machine, Mark Munoz!!!!!!! I hope you all likes!!

– Josh



  1. I love your UFC art work. Amazing!
    Is there any way you could draw Brock and Alistair Overeem in a face off staredown? That would be sweet:)

    • That would be a sweet Idea! Right now I am busy doing the top ranked fighters in each division for a website called Weheartmma but maybe I can do something like that after I get done with this big project! Thanks for stopping by!

    • Thanks! I am very much planning on doing a Overeem. I have been posting more art here: if you want to see some newer stuff =)

  2. Hello!
    I copied your artwork and painted it on my wall in my basement gym.:) Check it out!
    I don’t have the skills you have so I used a projector and traced it.
    Please do an Overeem to go with the Brock.:)
    Thanks man!

    • You link wouldn’t work, but I would love to see the pic if there is in someway another way to see it! =)

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