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Day 5!

The Legendary Centaur!! Half man half horse, these creatures were said to be very intelligent and masters of the bow! Some stories even say Hercules learned his bow skill from a centaur! Centaurs were said to live in Magnesia and Mount Pelion in Thessaly, the Foloi oak forest in Elis, and the Malean peninsula in southern Laconia. A very awesome and proud race they were said to be!

I kinda went a little creative in my approach on my Centaur. I didn’t want to just do a normal looking man on top of the horse, and I am happy I didn’t. I think this one may yet be my personal fav of the Myth creatures thus far!

But I would love to know what you think!

Thanks everyone!!

– Josh



  1. cool! he looks like a good guy.

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