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Here is the other Myth I wasn’t able to post while doing my house sitting!

Ferries!! Got to luv them! There was so much reference on this piece it isn’t even funny! Of course I looked at Tinker bell for some reference, and I also checked out Mark McDonnell’s book for some reference. He has some great ideas and techniques to try, but those to weren’t enough for me to get this idea. I was trying to think of something really fun and challenging to do on this one, and I found a great image over on Bill Presing’s DA page. Bill has inspired me for years, and I thought of him when I was thumbing this out, and sure enough he had the perfect image, and I totally took one of his poses as you will see, but I did have to change the angle for it to make since in my image. Check out his image here: [link]



  1. Do I see a bit of Disney influence here with a bit of Tinkerbell? Ok, I know you said you looked at her, so yeah…kinda obvious. You should make 7 foot fairies and blow convention out the water.

    • Haha I should totally huh! That could be pretty sweet!!

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